All or Nothing

As I walked by our storm ravaged wharf in Granthams.  I could not avoid the fact that in over a hundred years this was the first time this dock, jutting out into the waters of Howe Sound, had taken such a beating. There were storms before, high tides and driftwood logs jamming up against the dock but never had it been battered and damaged in such a fashion. Was this part of the rising sea levels, or just a combinations of a high winter tides, fierce winds and a lot of driftwood swept loose? Yes, our dock is a disaster but it can be fixed and it’s damage pales against the Anak Krakatau eruption in the Sunda Straight, that caused a  tsunami to crash into the  coast on the islands of Sumatra and Java killing scores of unsuspecting people, including members of a rock band and their audience at a beach concert. I felt suddenly grateful for the rain and wind here and I had other things on my mind that I wanted to talk  to about with my friend Campbell – Camp  as we all call him. Continue reading

Mariposa Intersections

Mariposa Intersections

Bruno Huber

Mariposa Intersections is the love story of Rafael and Gabriela, two young idealists from different social strata who find themselves at opposite ends of a defining cause, which is the Mexican Utilities proposal of a nuclear power plant on Lago Patzcuaro in Michoacan, Mexico. It is also the story of a group of international individuals who, like the Monarch butterflies, are drawn together to form an organism that is bigger then the sum of its parts. Their common cause unites them for a short but intense time. Together they fight the proposed nuke plant in this historic region in the center of Mexico. It’s a universal story about the fight for the preservation of a way of life and the environment against the insatiable appetite for money, jobs and the need for electricity.

Reviews and Testimonials:

If  you’ve ever wanted to get “beyond the beach” in Mexico, then Mariposa Intersections is for you. This political action story is highstakes, provocative and absolutely current. Thought-provoking, heartfelt – a great vacation read. It weaves together the lives of people from all over the world who meet by accident and become friends and more, as they fight to protect the fragile beauty of a place they love.
—Maureen McKeon
screenwriter for award-winning TV series Street Legal, Traders, Bliss, and The Associates

Bruno Huber’s timely tale about a struggle against the development of a nuclear power plant brings together a cast of disparate international characters, but the standout is the country of Mexico itself. A deep sense of the history, the culture, the geography and present day politics underpins a story that unfolds principally in Michoacan, at beautiful Lake Patzcuaro, which the author clearly knows and loves. An enjoyable and informative read.”
—Mary Burns
Author of The Reason for Time

Paperback and eBook:

ISBN: 9781926991924 (paperback). $19.95 CDN, $17.95 USD. Available via your local bookstore, Chapters/Indigo, and Amazon.
ISBN: 9781926991931 (ebook). $9.99 CDN, $7.99 USD. Available on Amazon Kindle.

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Good News Only

IMG_4260 2.jpegI walked along the stormy shore watching in awe as the high winter tide was hurling big driftwood logs against the beach like sticks in a pond. This unleashed force of nature was a serious reminder of how tenuous our existence is in this world. Such were my thoughts as I walked towards our watering hole. I made a pledge that today I would only discuss good news with my friend Campbell, Camp to all who knew him. For this one time I promised myself that I would not gripe, bitch, complain or otherwise vent my frustration at the unhinged world of Trump or the chaos of Brexit woes or the looming civil war in Hungary.  No, for this one occasion before Christmas, I would only confine my weekly chat with Camp to positive themes and events. Let joy and happiness rule supreme.

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Outside the Box (a Christmas Story)

“Happiness is for pigs and wishes are for children,” Trevor announced to all and sundry. His deep baritone cut like a foghorn through the smoke and noise at Oliver’s Pub, which is located just across from Holly’s Beach and right around the corner from our bookstore. It’s a pleasant place to conclude a day’s work over a pint or two.

“That’s not true,” said the pretty young woman who was standing at the bar, beside where Trevor straddled his favourite barstool. “Happiness is there for everybody and wishes can come true,” she declared with conviction. “Isn’t that right, Jack?”

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One Mind, Two Pints


“Did you hear that the new Mexican president, Lopez Obrador, put the presidential plane, a Boeing Dreamliner, up for sale and prefers to travel like everybody else, by commercial, scheduled flights,” I asked Camp after Rosie set down our first pint.

“ I just hope he stays alive, driving his own Jetta to work, sometimes with his wife and just one security guy,” Camp said, obviously aware of the changes.

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Old to New

It’s been a glorious week of sunny December weather, cold and bright and the reflection of the sun is sparkling off the waters of Howe Sound. The tops of the mountains are frosted and the only sounds are the screeching of the gulls and the crunch of the gravel under my feet.  I hold on to moments like this but I know there is trouble in this vale of tears and laughter and my friend Campbell, Camp to all of us, didn’t disappoint.

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