Welcome to Bruno’s Point of View.

I am born and raised near Zürich, Switzerland and immigrated to  Canada in the seventies, first to Nelson BC, then to Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast. I am a frequent world traveler and published two books, Folly Bistro, about two turbulent years as a French restaurant owner, and Mariposa Intersections, a political romance story set in central Mexico.

Here I share my  travel impressions, my weekly conversations with Camp, a few short stories and poems as well as creative recipes. I welcome your comments.

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Mad, Mad World

It was the first day we had any rain in over a month and since we had a wet June there are no forest fires to speak of. Not like a couple of years ago when we couldn’t even see the mountains for the smoke and smog. Camp was late today which meant he was held up at the store with customers or there were unforeseen circumstances. He never misses our weekly get togethers over a couple of brews.

Rosie, our Irish server, didn’t wait for my order and just brought me a pint of lager. Not quite the clairvoyant server that Vicky is but she was trying. Camp came in a couple of minutes later and Rosie was right behind him with another pint.

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