Welcome to Bruno’s Point of View.

I am born and raised near Zürich, Switzerland and immigrated to  Canada in the seventies, first to Nelson BC, then to Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast. I am a frequent world traveler and published two books, Folly Bistro, about two turbulent years as a French restaurant owner, and Mariposa Intersections, a political romance story set in central Mexico.

Here I share my  travel impressions, my weekly conversations with Camp, a few short stories and poems as well as creative recipes. I welcome your comments.

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            We’re locked down in BC until the long weekend and although nothing much changes for us, it is stopping tourists and any non-essential travel to and from the Sunshine Coast. I wanted to check the numbers yesterday and just put in the date but the stats from a year ago came up. Wow. This year our infections are ten times higher but our hospitalizations and mortality percentages are lower. Still, a wakeup call. 

            I wanted to talk about something else with Camp besides the bloody covid for a change and came across an interesting piece of journalism the other day. Camp was already enjoying his pint, looking out at the rainy-day weather. 

            ‘Camp, did you ever hear about Somaliland, the small African country the size of Greece that’s an independent and peaceful nation? 

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