Welcome to Bruno’s Point of View.

I am born and raised near Zürich, Switzerland and immigrated to  Canada in the seventies, first to Nelson BC, then to Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast. I am a frequent world traveler and published two books, Folly Bistro, about two turbulent years as a French restaurant owner, and Mariposa Intersections, a political romance story set in central Mexico.

Here I share my  travel impressions, my weekly conversations with Camp, a few short stories and poems as well as creative recipes. I welcome your comments.

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The Good, the Bad and the Lazy

Gibsons was in the clutches of an Arctic deep freeze this past week that convinces even the hardiest local climate deniers that yes: It does snow in Vancouver and yes, winter tires are a good idea and no, Vancouver and the lower mainland are not prepared for accumulative snow falls and have inadequate or no snow removing equipment. Despite the brazing weather I’ve made my way faithfully to my Thursday meet-up with my friend Camp at our pub which was empty except for our stalwart waitress. ‘I don’t get paid if I don’t show up,’ she said with a shrug. Camp eventually walked in looking like ‘The man that came in from the cold’. Before I could even ask about the store he said wryly: ‘Been closed all week due to climate emergency,’ while extracting himself from his  soaked overcoat. ‘What’s on your mind besides the weather this week,’ he asked.

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