Welcome to Bruno’s Point of View.

I am born and raised near Zürich, Switzerland and immigrated to  Canada in the seventies, first to Nelson BC, then to Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast. I am a frequent world traveler and published two books, Folly Bistro, about two turbulent years as a French restaurant owner, and Mariposa Intersections, a political romance story set in central Mexico.

Here I share my  travel impressions, my weekly conversations with Camp, a few short stories and poems as well as creative recipes. I welcome your comments.

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Real of Fake

‘So did you watch any news,’ Camp asked before I even sat down at our usual corner table by the Salish Sea.

‘You can be proud of me. I refrained from reading the daily news from my phone on my bedside table as soon as I opened my eyes, which had become my routine as of late.  Instead I just lay there for a couple of minutes, contemplating the day ahead.’

‘I have to confess,’ Camp said, ‘I have been following the Brexit  improv theatre but only with cursory, sideway glances,’ Camp confessed.

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