I was born and grew up in a town on the lake of Zurich in Switzerland and in the seventies I immigrated to Canada, first to Nelson then to Vancouver and eventually to Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast were I still live with my wife Elizabeth.
In 1977 I won a German literary Prize for best short story which resulted in a book published by Ullstein. I  owned  a bookstore for 5 years in Gibsons and later was the owner of an iconic French Restaurant in Vancouver’s West End, next to Stanley Park. This experience  comes to live in FOLLY BISTRO,  a humorous account of those 2 years. It is  available on Amazon, Kindle and as a podcast on iTunes. I earned a living working  in Vancouver’s film industry as a lighting technician for over 25 years.
Bruno’s  Point of View  offers me an opportunity to present my impressions on places I travelled to, love, life, work, politics, cooking and anything that may be of interest. It’s also a good place to deposit my short stories, recipes and poems.
Every week I meet with my cohort Campbell, Camp to everyone who knows him, and over a couple of pints we hash through the issues of the day. Always humorous, honest and informed.
Here are my basic rules. They are not original but they work for me.
Never loose your sense of humour
Perfection is the enemy of good
Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story