I’m Bruno and since I’m of  a certain advanced middle-age I feel I’m wise enough for  some  age honed opinions and   peculiar points of view.
I moved from Switzerland to Canada in the 70’s and have written and published books in German and English. I   owned a Bookstore, a Construction Company and a French Restaurant which resulted in a humorous book aptly called-  FOLLY BISTRO, available on Amazon and as a podcast on iTunes.
Bruno’s PoV is my peculiar point of view on countries, cultures, love, life, work, politics, cooking and anything that may be of interest.
The opinions are my own but they may resonate with you and if not they may make you laugh or shake your head.
Interested in travelling ? confused about relationships, work, politics, the state of the world or the state of  mind ?
Never loose your sense of humour. It’s what drives a positive outlook and is fundamental for good health and don’t let the ‘truth’ get in the way of a good story….