Too Much Pain

            ‘The latest sweeping restriction orders from our Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, mean that we cannot (shouldn’t) travel unless it’s essential and mask wearing in public places, retail stores and work environments is now mandatory, no matter where in the province. In other words, businesses in Merritt, Smithers or Kaslo have the same restrictions and protocols as in South Surrey, East Vancouver or Burnaby. This doesn’t seem right.,’ I said, as I sat down in the eerily empty pub which we are still trying to support but we can only drink so many beers.

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Parallel Universes

            ‘There seems to be two narratives, two diametrically opposed points of view and two information sources: The established television media like the BBC, CNN, MSNBC and the CBC and CTV here in Canada vs: FOX News and a whole slew of social media news outlets and new cable networks like News Max and One America News,’ I said as soon as we were comfortably ensconced in our chairs. Very few customers these days and I’m surprised how the pubs can keep going in this time of Covid restrictions and pandemic fears.

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Ignore the Noise

            It’s been ten days since the election and it’s not over yet. When I pointed this out to Camp over our weekly pint, he slapped his hand on the table, almost spilling our beers.

            ‘Biden won. Trump lost. Simple right? Apparently not so much. Unsubstantiated claims of a stolen and fraudulent election are flooding the internet and right-wing media like Fox News and the republican law makers are in hiding and fanning the flames of insurrection. Anywhere else this would be called a coup d’état in progress.’

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The Choice

Here we are, still in the midst of election mania and the chaos continues. Trump will not accept defeat because in his world that doesn’t exist and Biden cannot take over where there is no acknowledged concession. The people have voted and nothing changes. The Republican Party is lockstep behind their zombie leader and we know that it’s very hard to kill the undead. 

            I walked to our watering hole along the shore that hasn’t changed in millennia, looking out at the misty islands and the North Shore Mountains. It’s a reassuring vista, a solid and perennial certainty, comforting in its stability and longevity. We are lucky to live where we do and are privileged to be lucky.

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