Here only for a short time

 (adapted from ‘Savages’ by Don Winslow)      

            We humans had for a brief time – in cosmic terms – a civilisation on land surrounded by vast oceans and bordered by ice to the north, desert in the middle and ice to the south. This civilisation depended on water, for drinking and for crops to grow. Water is life.

We built houses, roads, highways, hotels, sky scrapers, shopping malls, condo towers, parking lots, airports, schools, stadiums and factories.

We proclaimed the freedom of individuals, invented, bought and drove cars to prove it and built more roads for the cars to drive on so we could go nowhere faster. We invented social structures to govern people and we conquered diseases and multiplied.

We all wanted the same things: cars, fridges, TVs, boats, toys.

We watered our lawns, washed our cars, drank water out of plastic bottles to stay hydrated in a dehydrated land and we put up water parks and big sculpted fountains.

We built temples to our fantasies – film studios, amusement parks, cathedrals, megachurches, football stadiums and we all flocked to them.

We built plains to fly around the globe and boats to cross the lakes and oceans and we poured our waste water into the same water we loved and depended on.

We built weapons to destroy each other and the planet and sent rockets into space.

We reinvented ourselves every day, remade our culture, our beliefs, locked ourselves into gated communities, multi bathroom houses, condo towers and trailer-parks and then we started eating healthy foods, gave up smoking and sun bathing, We had our faces stretched, our skins peeled, our lines removed, our fat sucked, our bodies rebuilt and we defied aging and death and warehoused our old.

We fought each other for land, water and minerals.

We enslaved, segregated and divided each other.

We extracted, modified, harnessed and subjugated.

We made gods of wealth and health

A religion of narcissism

In the end we worshipped only ourselves

In the end, it wasn’t enough

Covid-19 List and Poem

No weddings, no funerals, no parties, no team sports, no get togethers, no bars, no pubs, no restaurants, no concerts, no businesses, no conferences

                          No Olympics

              No libraries, no plays, no cinemas, no theatre

No schools, no child care centres, no kindergartens, no universities, no classes, no recreation centres, no swimming pools, no hiking and biking tours, no travel, no socializing, no book clubs, no bridge clubs, no yoga classes

         No hotels, no trains, no buses, no hitch hiking, no planes, no ferries, no cruise ships,

         No government sessions, no elections

No hairdressers, no beauty parlours, no dentists, no massage therapy, no eye exams, no elective surgeries, no gyms, no alcoholics anonymous meetings

No protests, no marches, no barricades

                No courts, no churches, no synagogues, no mosques, no temples, no gatherings

                                    No hugs, no kisses, no handshakes, no pats on the back,

No work

No fun

No money

                 No life as we knew it

 Only hospitals, health workers, food suppliers, grocery stores, pharmacies, police stations, gas stations and fire-halls

All working from home:

politicians, bankers, accountants, secretaries, teachers, doctors, etc.

Only isolation, virtual communication and emoji emotions

Only social networks dependent on internet connections

                    We still have wars, bombings, hunger, sickness, disease, misery, refugees

                             We hope, always hope for the future, the children, the world

 We fear the unknown, dying alone, losing a loved one, the loss of freedom, tomorrow

                     We have more time to:

read, think, write, talk, walk, watch movies, cook, eat, drink, sleep, play and           listen to music, paint, exercise, spend with the children, the parents, the flowers

Make love

reach out, reconnect, remember

and plan for a fantastic future


           want to hide, climb a tree, run away, call someone, stand still, play

           close my eyes, my ears, my brain, my mouth

           understand, help, fight, fix

                                                                    laugh and live




The Canadian, the German and the Swiss


I think I should and if I would then maybe something will happen.



I know there is and when I do it then it is.



When I know there is (or not) then I will do it (or not)



Excuse me, I hope you don’t mind, please I would like to get by, thank you again.



Attention ! Coming though here, please step aside. Thank you.



Pardon me, I will need to get by, thank you very much.



I’m so sorry, I had no idea, believe me it will never happen again.



Excuse me. I will find out what happened and correct it.



So sorry but it wasn’t my fault . Good luck next time.


Beer Commercial

The following is from a beer commercial I saw in New Zealand:

Work like you don’t need the money.

Love like you’ve never been hurt.

Dance like nobody’s watching.

Sing like nobody’s listening.

Live like it’s Heaven on Earth

Make every moment count

and help somebody

help themselves


The Saver

I have no problems

but I hear you do

for a minimal fee

you can talk to me

I will solve your crisis

get you back on you feet

my advice is your solution

all for a small contribution

you can call me day or night

or fax me your heartaches

my service is personal

you secrets are my trust

my compassion is worth it

pay in full you must


My mind is my enemy

a million racing thoughts

and my story is not me

despite it being in my head

where I come from

and where I’m going too

does not place me

in the here and now


Tomorrow never comes

and today never ends

I feel the need to seperate

from the me that’s in my head

but my mind is telling me

from all the information

that the world is ending

and the future is fucked


To be in the ‘zone’

to enbrace the present

is not about winning

and there are no losers

but I cannot dissacotiate

myself from myself

and the voices in my head

are always in control


Where do I stand stil

and how do I find peace

is death really the way

or is life all there is

happiness is just a concept

and pain a reality

how can I help myself

if all I am is me




I can move from my armchair to the hammock

or to the lounge chair on the deck

I can lie down on the couch

stretch out in front of the TV

read all day and roll over

stay in bed until noon

or get up at 3AM to have a drink

I can sleep, snore, snooze and dream

all day and all night long

I can answer the phone

if I feel like it

take out the trash or not

go for a swim whenever I’m hot

drive or walk to town

shop and cook or go out to eat

have a beer for lunch or two

shave or grow a beard

watch other people work

talk about the old times

dream about the future

remember not the blather on

and pretend to be still young