Psycho Salsa

My friend Dave developed this recipe and called it Psycho Salsa because he was crazy about it. He parted with it only grudgingly but I have decided to share it because it is too good to keep to myself. I have altered a couple of ingredients, and so can you, but the basics remain true to Dave’s original.

Here goes:

3 large roma tomatoes

1 medium purple onion (or white)

2-3 jalopeno peppers

4 chile guajillo (nueve Mexico) peppers (these are dark red, dried peppers)

2 chile arbol (red, long, skinny, dried, hot)

4-6 garlic cloves

1 hand full chilantro

1/4 cup balsamic vinigar


Blend until smooth then pour into pot and bring to boil

turn heat off and add salsa fresca for texture:

one diced roma tomato

some purple onion and chilantro

chop it all finely together

let cool


Now you’re ready to dip or slather it on anything you like:

eggs, pasta, quesadillas, pizza, hamburgers etc.

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