Human Rights

Finally, we can see some sugar coating on the mountains and the skiers are waxing their boards,’ I said.

‘More like you are waxing nostalgically,’ Camp said.

‘Well, the snow just reminds me of when I was a kid, my dad would melt this stick of red wax and apply to my wooden boards and let it dry overnight. I would get up in the middle of the night and put my finger on it, making sure it’s drying and ready for the morning.’

‘I guess you could ski before you walked,’ my friend Campbell, Camp as he is known around town, said, taking a sip from his beer.

‘Did you know that  last month the UN General Assembly voted to allow the Palestinians to procedurally act like a member state during meetings next year when they will chair the group of 77 developing nations.  The United States, Israel and Australia voted against the move, Canada and 14 other countries abstained and 29 didn’t vote.’

‘Support for the Palestinians is not antisemitic. It’s against Israel’s settlement of occupied territory and their repression of Gaza,’ Camp pointed out ‘Last  May in Geneva at the Human Rights Tribunal meeting, it was the first time in 13 years that they passed a resolution condemning Saudi Arabia, the country that still has public executions, imprisons Journalists and women’s rights advocates, and brutally murders a journalist in its embassy in Istanbul.’

‘According to a Canadian official, some UN security council members had a ‘vested interest’ in blocking a Khashoggi probe and to this day there hasn’t been an independent investigation into his murder, nor have they found his remains,’ I said.

‘Well, how about this?’ Camp waived his finger at nobody in particular. Last month Venezuela won a seat on the Human Rights Council.’

‘The Human Rights Council now includes Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Cuba, Eritrea, Qatar, and China and next year will include Venezuela, the Sudan and Libya. I didn’t make this up,’ Camp said. ’Go figure.’

‘And both Switzerland and Canada want a seat on the security council and therefore they vote politically,’ I said. ‘And now we also have proof of China’s gulag in Xinjiang province, where hundreds of thousands of Uyghurs are incarcerated in over 1000 concentration camp-like ‘re-education centres,’ I said.

‘We’ve known about this for some time but because Xinjiang is a region of deserts and mountains in the northwest of China and not exactly a tourist destination, we’ve only had sporadic reports of Xi Jinping’s monumental effort to eradicate the Muslim Uyghurs,’ Camp said.

‘And of course, nobody wants to condemn China because of their economic might on which we all seem dependent on like babies on mother’s milk.’

‘Human rights takes a backseat to economic and monetary gains, once again.’

‘There is a great new book called ‘Claws of the Panda’ which outlines in great detail how Canada’s relationship with China has evolved over the years and how China has infiltrated universities and even politics with ‘sleeper agents’ of CCP. We’ve known for some time that China’s new leader for life, Xi Jinping has hegemonic ambitions. From financing and building ports and infrastructure in the Caribbean to the re-establishing of the silk road to Europe, to artificial military islands in the China sea and vast purchases of arable land in Africa, China is on the move around the globe.’

‘Who’s on the move?’ Vicky asked, setting down two fresh pints.

‘Not me,’ Camp said, I’m staying put. It doesn’t get any better than the Sunshine Coast.’

‘And I’m moving in with my boyfriend,’ Vicky said. ‘Half the bills and twice the fun.’


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