Covid Poems

In this Odd Time

In this odd time of isolation I think of the special moments

Of the not so distant past

We were crowded like sardines, drank from each other’s bottle

Shared hugs and kisses

In this odd time of separation the rich can stay home

And the poor loose hope

And not so long ago nobody felt so alone

behind a mask or a shield

In this odd time of segregation we need to reach out

Embrace our humanness

Refresh our common bonds

But old habits die hard

In this odd time of loneliness let us connect and refresh

Old memories and friends

Get closer to each other while we’re torn apart

Alone we’ll always fail

In this odd time of hibernation when sleep is not easy

our minds are preoccupied

and midnight thoughts are dark

while we wait for time to catch up with the future

In this odd time of introspection we shut out the world

Fall into ourselves

Pretend we will play again

And have fun in the sun

And live as before the storm



Uncertainty Shoes

Should we say, should we do

Should we stay or should we go

Which way to is the best way

Your way or my way

You should walk in my shoes

Make you feel my uncertainty blues


Can I play, can I stay

Should I join the party today

Or wait until another day

Where should I turn

Maybe I’ll walk in your shoes

Take back the uncertainty blues


In whom do I trust and believe

The newsman or the priest

the joker, the liar or thief

no one knows the truth

Give away my worn-out shoes

I will live with the uncertainty blues



The world does not need us to revolve around the sun

And the universe will still expand  long after we’re gone

Today is only a new day for us but it is the same old day

For everything else

To be is not to know what day it is

But to live the moment

Which has no past and no tomorrow


                                  July 2020



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