Ignore the Noise

            It’s been ten days since the election and it’s not over yet. When I pointed this out to Camp over our weekly pint, he slapped his hand on the table, almost spilling our beers.

            ‘Biden won. Trump lost. Simple right? Apparently not so much. Unsubstantiated claims of a stolen and fraudulent election are flooding the internet and right-wing media like Fox News and the republican law makers are in hiding and fanning the flames of insurrection. Anywhere else this would be called a coup d’état in progress.’

            ‘You’ll get no argument from me,’ I said. ‘It’s a dangerous subversion of the vestiges of democracy but trumpaholics are in denial, just like any addict.’

            How can educated people hate the process of democracy and its obvious outcome so much that they rather believe in lies, hate speech, propaganda and conspiracies then the simple truth? The election was won by Biden, fair and square, by a popular margin of over 5 million voters and yet, the denial, the demagoguery and the lies continue and grow ever crazier and more outrageous by the day.’

            ‘And yet the republicans also won. More house seats, a tied senate, more governors. If they want to throw out ballots because the wrong name is at the top, all of the other elected officials get tossed out as well. Makes no sense.’

            ‘Trump will not go quietly into the night. He never loses and he has unresolved mental issues. I’m not concerned about him but I’m worried about the so called grand old party. We cannot accept their silence and obstruction. The whole world is at risk, not only the hundreds of thousands of Americans dying of Covid-19 or going broke and crazy because of their law makers inaction and inertia,’ I said.

            ‘There is only one way to deal with all this. Don’t engage and don’t give people like Hannity and Gingrich any kind of legitimacy by debating them. That only helps and validates their narrative. Biden and his team cannot give even a nod to the flat earthers and pizza gate conspirators.’

            ‘You’re right. Instead, let’s dance in the streets and laud the incredible performance of a truly epic election and demonstration of democracy: Over 150 million people cast their vote and believe that their voice counts.’

            ‘You’re right for once. This was a historic and massive exercise in people power and it helps to reaffirm my faith in due process and the proper rule of law,’ Camp said, taking a swig from his mug. ‘And yet it’s far from over. Trump is like the mad dog off the leash. He will wreak so much damage by January that it will take Biden the next four years just to clean it up.’

            ‘And most of the republican legislators are afraid of the dog.’

            We both looked out at the calm waters and the quiet harbour. 

            ‘What about the new restrictions everywhere and now also here in BC?’ I asked. 

            ‘It’s a tough decision and we have to trust Dr. Bonnie Henry on this. The numbers are rising everywhere and this virus is far from over. At least the pubs and restaurants will stay open. For now.’

            ‘How is business at the book store?’  

            ‘Surprisingly good for this time of year. People read more because they are stuck at home and there is only so much Netflix and cable TV anybody can watch.’

            ‘Any recommendations?’

            ‘I like the Bruno series about a French country police inspector by Martin Walker. Easy reads and a lot of fun. You’ll learn about Truffles, Wines, Foie-Gras, the French resistance during WW2 with a full cast of fun characters trying to resolve murder and conspiracies. Both you and Clare would enjoy these stories. For a rougher ride, Don Winslow always hits the spot. His Cartel trilogy is epic and brutal, as is his ‘Savages’. A debut mystery novel by Alexis Schaitkin that is set on a small Caribbean Island is a surprise hit. You should come by the store once in a while and spend some of your easy money.’

            ‘Did I hear easy money? You weren’t talking about me, were you?’ Vicky said, setting two fresh pints in front of us. ‘I get $ 500 a week, SRBC, because my son’s daycare is closed because of covid. How are they ever going to take all that away and when?’

            ‘Just in time with a vaccine I would guess,’ Camp said.

            ‘Who is paying for all this?’ I had to ask.

            ‘Not me but surely my son’s generation,’ Vicky said.

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