Winners and Losers

Winners and Losers 

            I sat down at our usual spot since restaurants and pubs are open once again to serve indoors. Without much ado I handed Camp my arbitrary list of winners and losers during the reign of Covid-19. He glanced at it and took a long swig from his pint. ‘I don’t see personal freedom, mobility, social interaction, hugs and kisses on your losers list,’ he said.  

            ‘Well, you just added them,’ I said. ‘And I invite anyone to amend or add to the list. I’m sure there are more on both sides of the ledger.’ 

            ‘And what’s going to happen to the vaccine providers like Moderna and AstraZeneca after we all had our 2nd shots? Are they going to close shop and go home?’ Camp asked. I knew it was a rhetorical question and he provided the answer: ‘They will recommend 3rd and 4th booster shots and then another one every year or so. Keep the ball rolling. But go and get the vaccine. It’s free, it’s safe and it’s not just for you but the people around you.’

            ‘And the world keeps turning. Cheers!’ 


            On-line streaming services:







Banks and stock traders 

                                    City Group


            JP Morgan

                        Gaming, Nvidia (chip maker)

                        On-line casinos

                                                            Real Estate Brokers

            Building Suppliers

                                    Coast Books




Garden Centres 

                                    Construction Companies





            Liquor Stores



Chain Stores gone away and thousands of employees laid off 

            Pier 21

                        J.C. Penney

                                    Neiman Lucas

                        J. Crew

                                    Lord & Taylor

            Brooks Brothers

                                    Le Château


            83 Microsoft Stores

                        200 Starbuck’s in Canada

                                    13 Victoria Secret Stores in Canada

                        Army & Navy

                        Aldo (Footwear)

            Carlton Cards & Papyrus (closing all stores incl. 73 Canadian locations)

                        Bose Audio Equipment (all 24 stores in Canada, 119 worldwide)

                                    Ten Thousand Villages

                                                The Children’s Place (over 200 stores)

Restaurants in Vancouver:

            Milestones Cambie

                        The Pear Tree

                                    Blossom Dim Sum

                                                The Charles Bar

                                                            Glowbal on Georgia

                                                                        Hapa Izakaya

            100’s more and growing

Gold’s Gym along with 1 in 4 gyms and fitness centres closed for good

            Hertz Car Rental

            Greyhound (Canada)

                                    Sonja’s Esthetics and Nail Salon and dozens of others

                                    Ronson’s Shoes, Vancouver

            Recreation Centres and Ice Rinks 

                        Amateur Sports

                                    Youth Centres

                                                minor soccer and hockey

catering, janitorial and booking services for stadiums and arenas

            Musicians, bands

                        actors, stage hands, technicians

                                    theatres and play houses


            tourist attractions 

convention centres

                                    arts and craft shops


1000’s of servers, cooks, chefs, bar tenders

            The Vancouver Christmas Fair



            Coffee and Food Trucks


                                    Travel Agents and Agencies

                                                Cruise Ships

            fishing lodges and charters


                                    Proms and Graduation Ceremonies


            Tour Guides

Thousands of children – filmed, traded, sold and abused in the exponential growth of child porn sites (source: NZZ Sonntag’s Magazin, Switzerland)

            (child porn is a misnomer since every sexual act with a minor is a crime)

            Volunteers Driver’s Service at the Cancer Agency and all hospitals

                        Childcare providers: Over 1 in 4 nationwide still closed (CBC)

            3’500’000 and counting, dead and mourned by their families and friends

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