Weather and Politics

‘In with the new year, much like the old year.’ I said as I sat down across from Camp, We were the only two guests on this soggy and glum winter day. 

‘You’re right, not even the weather changed,’ Camp said. ‘Have you noticed how people in Canada constantly check their weather apps, several times a day, looking for improvement when the rest of the world just stick their head out the door or window?’

‘I do it as well, just to confirm that what I’m looking at is actually true. The weather is much like politics: unreliable, unpredictable and subject to change.’

‘A new congress in the US, hijacked by a fistful of fanatics from the extreme fringe, promises cold and chilly winds coming from the right. It seems to me that wherever you look, from Brazil to Israel, from the US to Alberta, a militant, fascist minority impose their ideology and agenda onto the majority by way of political blackmail, and siege tactics and propaganda built on lies and conspiracy theories,’ Camp ranted.

‘And what is their agenda really?’ I said and didn’t have to wait long for an answer from my friend.’ 

 ‘Prohibitions and abolishment of personal rights like gender and abortion, economic and social protectionism, voter restrictions, state sanctioned murder, unrestricted gun ownership, creationism and school prayers according to their fundamentalist, bible-based tenets. Oh, I almost forgot, abolition of taxes, social programs and health care restrictions. The present destructive wing of the GOP consists of scattered oldRepublicans of the Gingrich and Bush periods, including Tea Party supporters, evangelicals, Trumpists and now the so-called ‘Taliban 20’. Like this self-righteous hotshot Matt Gaetz, a power-drunk party upstart undeterred in hisdestructive anger but without solutions or coherent ideas.’

‘A brave new world indeed. And to protect us all here in Canada, the Liberals have just bought 88 F-35 fighter jets from the US, just in case the Russians or Chinese want to invade us,’ I said.

‘Yes, and thanks to the Russians, the Chinese, the Iranians and North Koreans, the whole western world is re-arming. If the money spent on armaments would only be redirected to improve our atmosphere or oceanic conditions, we’d have a fighting chance to leave a livable world behind for our grandchildren.’

‘Wishful thinking my friend, like hoping for sunshine, when the long-term forecast predicts nothing but rain and more rain.’

We both downed our beers, one of the few reliable and renewable commodities it seemed. 

Like a mirage Vicky showed up with two frothy cold mugs.

‘Did you have a good holiday?’ I asked but instantly regretted it, knowing full well that Vicky had to make hay when the sun shines. 

She gave me a funny look. ‘I even worked on New Year’s Eve which was my best night of the year by the way. When people are happy, they tip better and we had one happy crowd here. How about you two?’

‘Well, I was in bed with a book by 10 o’clock,’ Camp admitted.

‘And I got up to see in the new year,’ I boasted. ‘Shared a glass of bubbly with my better half and then promptly fell asleep.’

Some partiers you two. This round is on me fellows, may you two have a happy, healthy and fun filled new year!

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