Fringe Anarchy

                   ‘It seems these days we are paying more attention to fringe and extreme groups than to the broader consensus that a direct democracy requires,’ Camp said, putting down the newspaper that he was reading.

            ‘You’re referring to the trucker’s protest convoy bearing down on Ottawa?’ I said. ‘They call it the Freedom Convoy. What a crock. Even the Canadian Trucking Alliance strongly disapproves of the demonstration.’

            ‘Yes, they had months to get the jab which is completely harmless and saves lives and hospital beds. They think of themselves as road warriors and freedom fighters when in fact they are drivers and movers of goods. Also, only about 15 percent of them are not vaccinated while the vast majority have complied with the public health mandates and are keeping the goods moving and our grocery store shelves stocked. It is those we should thank and support and ignore the others who think only of themselves, confusing personal freedom with selfishness.’ 

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