Folly Bistro – Chefs, Cons & Patrons

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FOLLY BISTRO is a humorous account of all the turmoils, pitfalls and fights; ambitions and hopes, failures and successes of an iconic French Bistro in the heart of Vancouver over the span of 2 turbulent years. It’s filled with plenty of drama, hilarity and outrageous personalities. FOLLY BISTRO is essential reading for anybody wanting to get into or out of the restaurant business!

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“An absolutely delightful read…. such an authentic and unique voice. I couldn’t put this one down. A must read for anyone who has a restaurant, considers having a restaurant, has worked in a restaurant, or has ever eaten in a restaurant. I look forward to more books by Bruno Huber…”


“The now well-edited new edition of Folly Bistro is a great read: real characters and no holds-barred honest expose of the trials and tribulations of becoming a restauranteur, all told with great humour. Compulsory reading for anyone thinking of getting into the business, and fabulous entertainment for those of us who just enjoy eating out and might wonder what is going on behind the scenes.”

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