The Next Wave

            It rained all day which was a welcome reprieve from the unrelenting dry weather here on the Pacific North West. It actually felt good and everything perked up: The plants, the trees and even the people. That was about the only good news last week. We’re back to mask mandates, and the icu’s are filling up with the unvaccinated.

            ‘I don’t have any compassion for these idiots but my heart goes out to the health care workers who have to deal with them,’ I said to Camp, who held up both his hands and asked me to sit down and take a sip of this fine beer.

            I did just that but I wasn’t done yet. ‘I want the covid-sick un-vaxxed to wait in line, behind those that have legitimate reasons to be at the hospital and they need to be billed for hospital stays and tests. They should also be culled from any jobs that deal with the public, i.e. travel, hospitality, healthcare and government bureaucracies. They’re ruining the party for the rest of us. Even the pope got in on the act and proclaimed getting vaccinated an act of love. Good on him.’

            ‘Well, you got half of your wish list with the new BC government policies. Everybody, age 12 and up, will be required to show proof of 2 vaccines to enter indoor ticketed sporting events, restaurants including patio dining, fitness centres, casinos and other indoor events such as conferences and weddings.’ 

            ‘I predict yearly booster shots,’ Camp said.

            ‘Ohio entered everyone who got the jab in a lottery that paid out five $1m prizes and five full scholarships to a state university. A new study found that although the initiative cost $5.6m, it averted around $66m in health-care costs.’

            We paid attention to a seal sticking up its head in the calm waters below us.

            ‘Biden lost his shine over his handling of the Afghan withdrawal,’ I said.

            ‘Yes, he looks and sounds more like an old priest or bishop than a president and he’s blaming the Afghans for their own miserable situation.’

            ‘I suppose he’s got a point. It was an unwinnable war but a disastrous exit, throwing thousands of women and modern Afghans under the bus.’

            ‘As Gwynne Dyer said: Western armies always lose guerilla wars because the insurgents can’t quit and go home. They’re already home.’ 

             ‘I’m glad that the sun will rise tomorrow,’ I said.  

            ‘That’s actually an illusion caused by the rotation of the earth,’ Camp said with a chuckle. ‘What you see is not always what it is.’

            ‘Like the election. It’s not the country that needs it but Trudeau. It might just backfire on him. His latest promise to restrict foreign home buyers is like telling Americans that guns will be restricted. It will drive the house prices even higher. They’re already out of reach for young families.’

            When Vicky brought our refills around, I asked her if she was going to vote.

            ‘I’ll vote for Avi Lewis, Naomi Klein’s husband. It’s a no-brainer.’

            ‘Wow, you’ve already made up your mind,’ I said.

            ‘He’s the only one who will stand up for the environment and that’s the future for my son. Besides I met him the other day when he stopped in for a beer.’

            We toasted Charly Watts, who passed this week. He was 80 and the rock for the Stones. He never missed a gig for 58 years. He will be missed. 

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