Dangerous Times

          ‘Facebook and Google ‘experts’ are taking over and they all seem to know so much in such a short time, without schooling, without research and professors guiding and grilling them, without academic credentials; many without proper grammar and definitely without analytical processing faculties. But they have expert witnesses to quote and rely on. No empirical, peer reviewed evidence but You-Tube clips and theories by self-confident former scientists and doctors, by quacks and self-serving snake-oil pushers. Instead, we should be listening to the public health people, to the ER-doctors and to the nurses who have dedicated their professional lives to caring for the sick and dying.’

            ‘As usual you’re preaching to the choir,’ Camp said, taking a long swallow. 

            ‘I don’t get it,’ I said, frustrated. ‘The same people who mistrust science and scientists, who question the validity and safety of the vaccine and the statistics, are boarding planes, crossing bridges, driving cars and consuming foods and drugs without knowing how they are made. They are blindly trusting the science and engineering but then they are turning to a veterinary de-wormer like Ivermectin to treat covid. As the FDA succinctly put it: ‘You’re not a horse and you’re not a cow. Seriously, y’all stop it.’

            ‘It’s really quite simple. On the way from Encyclopedias to Wikipedia, from University Libraries to asking Siri or Alexa, we have lost our ability to analyse, figure out and disseminate facts from fiction. Hospital records and statistics are touted as part of a massive conspiracy by all the doctors, nurses and health care professionals who are in bed with big pharma and paying off the politicians? Ludicrous.’

            ‘Yes Camp, we are now in a dangerous time with nationalistic demagogues leading the parade into a mean, segregated and intolerant future. Just look at Texas, where vigilante justice is back and women’s rights are trampled with the Supreme Court’s blessing. Where are the flower children, where are the lovers of peace and the singers of songs of freedom?’

            I felt like the world was wabbling and tilting and took solace in my pint of beer. 

            ‘There is really only one way out of this pandemic: Vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate,’ Camp said. ‘When the boat is sinking, you will not be given the choice of which life boat or what colour vest to take but you can make the stupid choice to stay on board and go down with the ship. At least that will not affect others and cause them harm and make them sick.’

            ‘There was an anti-vaxxer protest in Vancouver yesterday. 2000 people claiming it’s their right to choose what to put into their bodies. Great, but it’s not their right to make others sick.’

            ‘On the same day 15’000 people lined up for vaccines,’ Camp said. ‘We should not pay so much attention to riotous side shows. There is no vaccine mandate and ninety percent of BC’s eligible population is vaccinated.’

            ‘We live with thousands of deaths from influenza every year but we don’t shut down the economy for the flu. This virus is ten times as virulent and fatal.’

            ‘A Swiss Public Health executive suggested that anyone who opposes vaccination needs to fill out a living will, in which they confirm that they do not want hospital and intensive care in the event of a Covid illness. That would be real personal responsibility.’

            ‘Great idea. You’re talking about the same people who don’t wear masks and think the whole pandemic is a hoax. Now you want them to be responsible?’

            People have always had a knack, a need or a wish to believe in fairy tales and conspiracies. Millions believe in heaven and hell, an afterlife for men resembling a brothel, rebirth and a plethora of eternal punishments and rewards, UFO’s and the Illuminati.’ 

            When Vicky exchanged our empties for full ones, I asked her if she thought we were in a better place than this time last year. 

            ‘Yes and no. I’m looking forward to serving only the vaccinated but I’m anxious about my son going to kindergarten. None of those kids are immunized. Maybe next year we’ll be in a better place.’

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